A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Generationship sets off to settle humanity on a new planet.

An almost realistic survival management simulation game.

The Game


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About this Game

You're the AI responsible for a generation ship, mankind's last hope for survival. Build efficient raw material cycles and help your crew in a realistic real-time simulation to survive the hardness of space on their long journey to a new home!

  • Realistic Environment controls
    air pressure, air composition
  • Realistic Artificial Gravity
    by spinning the ship
  • Realistic Persons
    Metabolism using air and nutrition, many needs to be fulfilled
  • Realistic resource conversion
    Resources are converted between each other

  • Everything in real time
    No fake time used
  • Optimized for simulation
    Extreme Gamespeed (100.000x and faster)
  • Timewarp
    to wait for something, automatic pause in critical situations

  • Build a generation ship
    as fast as possible
  • Take care of your crew
    Fulfill their needs
  • Make the ship independent
    Grow your own food, build resource cycles
  • Build it large enough
    to survive the long journey

  • Connect Storages
    To manage the resource flow
  • Recycle Resources
    Convert them into resources that are needed
  • Get supplies from earth
    Till you are independent from them
  • Gather Resources in Missions
    (coming soon)

  • Place Interior items
    Optimize efficiency and speed
  • Environment
    Various walls, floors and objects
  • Different building shapes
    That suits your needs
  • Assigned crew quarters
    Tailored to people's needs

  • Life support
    several Environment Controls
  • Crew Supply
    Toilets, Sleeping quarters, Canteens,...
  • Food Production
    Greenhouses, Kitchen,...
  • Artificial Gravity buildings
    Mass Balancers, Spinning engines
  • and much more

Try it out

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Generationship Page - Official Page
Blog - Detailed Development Blog

Further Plan

  • Mid of 2021: Polishing
  • End of 2021: Going in Alpha Early Access
  • End of 2022: Polished Release of Stage 1: "Leaving Earth"
  • Further  Stage 2: Flying around in our sunsystem
    • Navigation, Research, Policies
  • Further Stage 3: Leaving our sunsystem, flying to other stars
    • Research, Families and Babys, Observations
  • Further Stage 4: Build new Colony

Who Am I:

A solo developer, working on that game since start of 2020 at fulltime.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Survival
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, City Builder, Economy, Management, Real-Time, Sci-fi, Space, Space Sim
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial
LinksHomepage, Blog, Community, Twitter, Community


Generationship-latest-win64.zip 909 MB
Version 0.74.0 30 days ago
Generationship-latest-linux64.zip 923 MB
Version 0.74.0 30 days ago
Generationship-latest-osx.zip 914 MB
Version 0.74.0 30 days ago

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Had to extract GenerationShip.exe from the .rar separately from the rest of the files. Also my antivirus doesn't like it. 


Hmm, that's strange. Its definitely no virus :)

how to i change it to not lokking green

I guess you enabled the condition overlay. Just press that button again (lower left next to the "!" buttons)

This looks like a cool game :D

Thanks, did you try it out?


Yea I did and I had a fun time playing it :)


Looks cool! Good luck with your development project :)

Thanks a lot :)